Orangery Designs

Orangery Designs


Once you have decided that you are going to build an orangery onto your house, you must decide on the design. When it comes to orangery designs, there are actually quite a few. Making the right choice can be tricky, because it should ideally match the look and feel of your existing building. This means it wont look like it has just been stuck on which is a common complaint with conservatories and you will be able to enjoy the outdoor surroundings of your home without having to step out of the front door. As orangeries were originally used to grow exotic fruits and plants, the materials that are still used in their construction are of a greater quality than regular conservatory materials. The quality and calibre that was originally synonymous with orangeries has stuck with the brand to this day.

So this means you know you will be getting a really sound structure which will last for years to come. You should also decide on what you intend to use your orangery for before choosing a design, because different designs are best suited for different functions. Some of the most popular orangery designs take inspiration from famous landmarks. One such design, The Sandringham, is based upon the Queens famous country retreat, Sandringham House. The centrepiece of this particular design is its stunning lantern roof. This means that there is a great deal more light which you can benefit from, from anywhere in the orangery. These large windows make your orangery the perfect space for relaxing, chatting with friends or even working, due to its light and airy atmosphere. Another royalty inspired design is the Balmoral. This design takes its likeness from the Royal Family’s famous Scottish home near the River Dee.

You may think that it is a big undertaking, building an orangery but it will look much nicer and be a lot easier on the budget than an extension would, it also allows you flexibility in the way you choose to use it. You unlimited in your choice, you can do almost anything with a new orangery. With all the extra light and air brought into your home it will be hard not to want to spend all your time in your new orangery, it will be your little corner of paradise. Most orangery construction requires little to no additional planning, even on listed buildings and conservation areas depending on the orangery designs.


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