Online File Storage: Back Up and Access Your Files From Anywhere

Online File Storage: Back Up and Access Your Files From Anywhere


Every computer user knows that data backup is absolutely vital to keeping their personal/professional files and folders safe. Such precious files may include family photos, videos, banking details, emails, contacts etc. In today’s cyber age, it is nearly impossible to avoid contact with viruses, hijackers, spyware infections, bots, worms, or identity thieves among other online threats.

Apart from cyber threats, there are hard drive failures, computer crashes, file corruption, accidental deletions, and catastrophic damages such as floods or theft etc. which add to the risk of data loss. Those who do not back up their data are hence at great risk of becoming victims to data loss.

Despite being aware of all these threats, many of us don’t back up our data. Some of us rely on external hard drives, thumb drives, flash drives, or CDs etc. for our data backup needs. Backing up on hard drives is a matter of concern. Facts collected from various sources confirm that one in four hard drives crashes, causing irrecoverable data loss. Pen drives are no better than hard drives as they get corrupted easily. If these facts are to be believed, then users could end up spending up to $70,000 on recovering data from a crashed hard drive. It is a 1000 time more than of what is spent on storing your data online.

However, today there are more data backup and restore options available to us than ever before. Online file storage, a.k.a cloud storage is one such option. Online file storage is the best contemporary, yet secure method of backing up and restoring data.

Online storage allows you to store your data on a cloud server, and is an increasingly becoming a popular technology. You can retrieve your data anytime you want to your computer or mobile device. Besides, whenever you add or delete files on your computer, your database on the cloud server automatically updates itself without requiring you to go through a manual update procedure like you would need to do with external hard drives or CDs etc.

Online storage is as simple and easy as browsing the Internet or Googling or Binging. Online storage typically comes with an application that you have to install like any other program on your computer and then start using it. It is just as easy to install as your antivirus program or any other add-on.

It comes with many features and benefits enabling you to have no reason to forgo backing up your data on a routine basis. It’s simply because you don’t have to do anything. In fact, you don’t even have to remember to do anything. With online file storage, you can schedule automatic backups. You can save time and a great deal of money that you would otherwise be spending on buying external hard drives or CDs etc. and keeping them safe.

Compared to external backup media, online storage is safe, secure, affordable, and fast. Considering the critical data backup needs of customers, various companies like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon among others have begun to offer online data backup solutions that allow them to keep their data in cloud servers.

Online File Storage Features include:

· Easy to install and use (user-friendly)

· Back up as much data as you want according to your plan and needs

· Restore and share your data whenever you want

· It’s secure and safe with SSL encryption and Secure FTP technologies

· Schedule auto-backups and automatically sync all the files and folders

· Edit/re-edit your data when needed

· Access your data from a web browser on a computer connected to the Internet or a mobile phone

· Map and manage your data according to your online storage plan

· Create individual accounts for other people in your home or office to create a workgroup

· Email alert provision whenever a file is modified, deleted or uploaded

· Integration with third-party programs for smooth operation

· Back up all different versions of the same files

· Share large files easily with friends and family

· No need to email the entire file, you can just share the link and that’s it!

Considering today’s scenario and the nature of business, an individual and business may have different data backup needs. Online file storage help are designed to live up to the expectations of both individual and business users.


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