O’Neill Wetsuits

O’Neill Wetsuits


Jack O’Neill is the Californian entrepreneur and surf enthusiast responsible for the creation of leading surf brand O’Neill. Jack O’Neill used his passion for surf to create a piece of pioneering technology designed to beat Mother Nature, the world’s first neoprene wetsuit.

Originally designed to allow Jack to stay in the freezing waters of the Northern Californian coasts for longer allowing him to enjoy more surf the creation has revolutionised surfing and opened up surfing location that were once unbearable.

It is no surprise that O’Neill wetsuits are one of the brands best selling products, as the original inventor you can expect O’Neill wetsuits to offer the best in quality and durability. O’Neil wetsuits come in a range of sizes and styles for men, women and children.

Ladies O’Neill wetsuits range from the basic O’Neill WMS Epic perfect for a first time wetsuit through New Psyco2 the ideal accompaniment to any intermediate surf enthusiast. For those who prefer shorti O’Neill wetsuits there are some fabulous gems on offer. The O’Neill WMS Reactor Spring gives you a dose of performance and an exceptional price or the O’Neill WMS Bahia s/s Spring combines hardcore technology with ultra savvy style.

For children O’Neill produce a fantastic array of summer, winter and shorti wetsuits in sizes 4 to 16 with a range of colour detailing.

O’Neill’s men’s summer wetsuits are some of the best on the market with a fantastic range to suit all abilities and needs. Starting at just £69.99 the O’Neill Reactor 3/2 Conv is from the highly technical warm water series and utilises O’Neil’s exclusive FluidFlex technology in the shoulder and upper arm. Mid range is the O’Neill Gooru GBS 2/3 Full a lightweight and streamlined suit built with UltraFlex DS with great attention to detail.

Top of the men’s range by miles is the O’Neill Psyco-2 Zen Zip 3/2 FSW described as the evolution of insanity the new Psyco offers superior flexibility and fit. A new x-type firewall combined with double fluid seems weld keeps you warm, dry and loose.

There is no doubt it pays to pick the best wetsuit and O’Neil are the original neoprene wetsuit manufacturer, a brand you can trust and one that won’t let you down.

Take a look at the full range of O’Neill wetsuits available from Shore including the new and fantastic Psyco-2 Zen.


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