Making Online Ads More Effective With Flash Banner Design

Making Online Ads More Effective With Flash Banner Design


Promotion of products and services are part and parcel of any business today. It is not possible to survive in business if your customers are not aware of your presence. This is all the more applicable for businesses that thrive online. You might be having a great looking website with quality content, but still the sales figures are not impressive. In such a case, you have to promote your business website online.

As far as internet marketing is concerned, it s Flash banner design that does the trick! It not only helps in driving more traffic to your site, but also makes online promotions more effective.

The task is not as simple as it seems. Designing a site in Flash is more difficult than building ordinary HTML pages. The designers have to intelligently use fonts, animation, colors and links in the ad to capture audience attention quickly.

If you are thinking of hiring any freelancer for the job, then abandon such thoughts at once. Do not experiment with the look of your banner, else you will have reason to repent later. A badly designed banner will have a detrimental effect on your business.

Incorporate Product Visuals And Logo

The company logo and a few product images should be part of your banner. If it is professionally created, then prospects will spend 10-15 seconds looking at the graphics. Then, what is the need of adding the company logo? A logical question to ask. It is important because customers will not pay attention to an ad for more more than 15 seconds. The logo will help in memorizing your brand.

Keep File Size Less

Always include lighter and smaller Flash banners to market your site. Keeping file sizes small will make it load faster, and users will not be required to wait for several minutes to have a look at your advertisement. Nobody has that much of patience. Customers will skip the advertisement if it takes too long to load.

Synchronization in Design

If the header is also Flash based, then make sure that the banner ad synchronizes with the Flash header design. If the header is over done with excessive animations and effects, then audience attention will be diverted from the banner to the header. In such a case, the whole purpose of designing it will become futile.

Keep Animations Short And Simple

Users generally ignore advertisements. None of them have the time or patience to wait for long animated ads to load. If at all you want to promote your business using animations, keep them short and simple. It should not be more than 30 seconds. Whatever message you have to deliver should be done within those few seconds.

Smart Catch Phrases or One Liners

In banner ads, there are space constraints. You cannot afford to include long paragraphs to convey a promotional message. The best way is integrating a short catchphrase. It will motivate visitors to visit the product and service page of your website. Get the job done by a Flash design expert if you wish to include flying or blinking messages.

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