Legends For Lunch Time, by Ralph Stott

Legends For Lunch Time, by Ralph Stott


Ralph Stott spent much of his life living in Kent England, he attended the Medway College of design, studying interior design in the mid 70’s. Ever since his teenage years he has enjoyed the craft of writing and word play along with the joy of art drawing and painting, so therefore it came very natural for him to be drawn into the art form of The Mini Saga. Because of its inherent demands.

It was the TELEGRAPH newspaper that set the challenge in 1997 to write a Mini Saga of exactly 50 words.

Then once inspired he felt compelled to visualise its energy and imagery, thus the Legends For Lunchtimebegan, with every saga individual and varied in its character, making each compilation everything and more that you could ever expect from just 50 words.

Thinking it seemed an easy way of expressing a lot…Ralph quickly found out he was wrong, because his first ventures took days! However, with commuting as he did at the time through Kent and Sussex, he soon found the opportunity and material to put together his first 50 titles.

More recently, he had a renewed sense of purpose and vigour which enabled him to complete a further 68, with each one having an accompanying visual, with all these saga’s having been drawn from situations, events and recollections along with his own sense of the improbable, (down right impossible) before reaching a probable conclusion!

I found all of Ralph’s fables, stories and poems to be very insightful and entertaining, with each and everyone of them being set out completely, on its own page with words and a drawing to portray.

So yes! They are short quick little snippets that say a lot about us and how we live, reminding us too, just how life itself is short and fleeting, with us never really knowing what’s round the next corner, or what’s in store, just like the book as you turn to the next page! I know you will enjoy Ralph’s book just as I most certainly did!

Legends For Lunch Time.


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