Jackson Kayak – A Niche Maker

Jackson Kayak – A Niche Maker


Jackson kayak is not a very old name but definitely the most talked about and famous name. Jackson kayak was born in October of 2003. In last three and half years it has equalized and exceeded it status with one of the leading and well-known names in kayak making. The company is simple, streamlined, small and dedicated to bring out the best kayaks. Jackson kayak is located at Rock island, Tennessee, home of the ultimate freestyle hole, and the Brave wave. The location itself talks about the opportunities it in stores for kayakers.

What makes Jackson Kayak unique?

Most of the Jackson designs fit most of the people. It accompanies any paddler of any size and shape. They have the most friendliest and comfortable performance oriented kayaks ever!

The outfitting is comfortable, stable and adjustable. Eric Jackson the owner of the Jackson kayak can convert a cynic to believer in kayaking by just parting one lesson to the paddler. This is the driving force for selling so many kayaks.

They offer designs to novices and enthusiasts, a product that is easy to understand, pleasing to eye, functional and lightweight. All the Jackson kayaks follow the fundamental design philosophies as:

1. Light

2. comfortable

3. durable

4. versatile

5. confidence inspiring- easy to paddle, stable.

Jackson Kayak Line:

Jackson prides itself of having several models of kayaks. Here are some of them.

1. Fun series: The designs are classic of amazing simplicity and versatility. They are more ergonomically advanced, so more body types can fit in. It has a low stern, flexible back band a flat sidewall making it the easiest boat to roll. They are easy to learn with, to play with from simple surfing to effortless spins. They are easily maneuverable. Some fun series are:

a. Jackson 1 fun white water kayak

b. Jackson 1.5 fun white water kayak

c. Jackson 2 fun white water kayak.

2. Rocker series: This provides a creeking machine that makes your downhill as safe and easy as possible. It’s innovative outfitting increases rigidity safety and comfort and reduces weight. Some rocker series are:

a. Punk rocker

b. Rocket rocker

c. Rocker

d. Mega Rocker.

3. Star series: It is full on free style boat. It is short, fast, balanced and super for carving up any wave. It is nimble as well as explosive. It is lightweight and offers amplitude in Ariel moves and speed. Star series are:

a. Shooting star

b. Star

c. All star

d. super star.

4. Recreational Kayaks: This section of kayaks by the Jackson has just been launched. These kayaks are functional, lightweight and easy to understand. Some of them are:

a. The Day Tripper line includes Mini tripper

b. 10 and 12 foot model Day Trippers for adults.

Following the philosophies of Jackson kayak, it is the top selling white water brand including great product, fair pricing and great customer service. Truly one can trust this name.


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