It’s About Time That About Us Was About You!

It’s About Time That About Us Was About You!


Yep – it’s not about us, it’s about you! About Us is the one page on a business website that so often underperforms because its function tends to be misunderstood by site owners. The web granddaddy of company profiling before the age of social media, it can receive significant traffic by visitors always fascinated to know more about the background and company attitude towards serving its’ prospective customers. That should mean you – not them!

So many times, companies get it disastrously wrong! About Us does not mean another chance to switch on the push marketing megaphone to self-promote, punching out the business jargon and corporate cliché. It’s not another sales and online marketing opportunity, as they tend to also view social media networking as a cost-free advertising channel.

More than ever in the age of web 2.0, where the Facebook and Twitter logos are seen everywhere, having become the universal symbols of today’s social engaged generation, website content needs to be customer-centric. Today, brand identity must always reflect its’ niche customer search and social reason for existence! That means shared values, reinforced and confirmed by further interaction.

About Us is about us as the human presence not the salesman. About Us should clearly and simply say what the company can do to answer specific problems and provide the required solutions for their particular niche customers. No one’s interested to read about how the sales team are ‘passionate about their work’ or ‘dedicated to customer service’ – simply because, besides being stale jargon, it won’t be believed!

More importantly, the approach will colour the entire perception of the company and quickly discourage any further participation. On today’s socially determined web, transparency is crucial. The most effective message is delivered in a human voice. Search visitors, most likely arriving by mobile phone – on the move and patient for results – want to read about how real company knowledge and expertise can be directly relevant to the user.

Just talking about ‘friendly, helpful staff’ is no substitute for displaying their pics and profiles. Today, the ‘customer experience’ is key to customer conversion. Speaking About Us should be in the language of their customers carried over into the company blog posts, tweets, email marketing newsletters and YouTube videos.

Accessibility underpins the social website. A responsive company gains greater respect, trust and loyalty. The attributes of About Us should clearly show that the people behind the brand are in touch and have connection with their target market audiences, not bigging up themselves and blowing even bigger trumpets!


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