Improving Mother Daughter Relationship in Today’s World

Improving Mother Daughter Relationship in Today’s World


Mother daughter relationship is seen by many as a scary roller coaster ride, whereas a healthy journey by others. For many people, motherhood is perhaps the biggest natural blessing, but maintaining that strong bond with children, especially daughters is not a joke. By the time you finish reading this article you would have a great idea on how to improve mother-daughter relationships. Either you are a mother struggling to improve your relationships with your daughter, or a daughter that wants loving support or caring hand of your mother, you would find it worthy to read advice published in this piece of writing.

Daughters are blessing for the family due to which they consistently need mother’s love, care, guidance friendship, & support. If these relationships are dwindling then daughters might not get what they want from their mothers. It is not difficult for a mother to ignore the beliefs, and self-moral values of her daughter due to which, lack of motivation and self-esteem gets hammered in daughter’s life from early ages. You as a mother would obviously want to avoid that and make sure to foster confidence and boldness in your daughter. There are simple steps that you can take in improving the mother-daughter relationship. Here are some of these tips:

1. Become a good listener – in order to become a good speaker you need to become a good listener. This concept implies at all stages of life irrespective of the situation. Either you want to become a good mother or a good daughter or both, you have to first listen to what your mother/daughter is advising to you and then speak in a naturally and calm way. There is often a famous proverb circling around the world “No pain, no gain.” You have to sacrifice your inner will by listening first and then speaking. Many problems stem from the fact that there is a big communication barrier between mothers and daughters, and by following such simple tip can minimize that barrier greatly.

2. Constructive attacking – “Didn’t I tell you not to do that? How many times would you disobey me!” is certainly not a good way to communicate with your daughter. Your words should be polite that inherit self confidence among your daughter. “Dear daughter, as I instructed you before working like this is not in your benefit, however if you want to continue it is your wish. I do not want to see my daughter in any harm and so please do not do this act” is certainly a great way to express emotions, anger and frustration to your daughter. Similarly statement like “Ok mom, you just keep yelling!” is not a good one as it crosses all limits or respect and obedience before your mother. You should be polite and speak in a lovely voice like “Ok mom, I would not to do it again.” Many times it is easy to get the job done by speaking the exact same words in different tone.

3. Genetics – genetics, status, family history and various other inherited behaviors affect the way mothers treat their daughters. If the family history has a bad reputation of mothers treating their daughters in an offensive way then perhaps this way of treatment might continue for ages. However there might be a stop to this if mothers try to realize that once they used to be daughters. This realization can cause them to speak politely and foster love and care toward their daughters.

4. Mothers play constructive role – either your daughter is a child or turns 60 after a few days, it the job of you as a mother to produce conductive, learning and loving environment with your daughter to listen to her problems, and provide solutions in every aspect.

Last but not the least, effective communication is what daughters and mothers need to improve their relationship. Communicate with each other and try to develop self-patience. A mother has gone through all those stages of life that her daughter would be going through. As a result, naturally mother should advise of all those stages and provide valuable tips on how to improve life. These tips could be anything from taking care of husband to maintaining a health pregnancy and delivering healthy baby.


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