Important SEO Aspects in Web Designing

Important SEO Aspects in Web Designing


Visual Designing or Graphic Designing is the methodology employed to communicate information using text or images. By using image development, typography and page layout Visual designing is performed and it is applied for magazines, websites, books and electronic media etc.

But when it comes to websites, search engine visibility should also be taken into consideration.

What is SEO and why it is important?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique for increasing visitors on website. SEO is a set of techniques employed to ensure that a website ranks well on specific keywords or phrases. The direct advantage of SEO is that it leads to an increase in website traffic.

That’s why web designer should also incorporate SEO elements into the design blue print to ensure maximum effectiveness as a business model.

  • Headlines are important part of any website so make sure that headline contain keywords.
  • Only images are not important so use text link so that important content of the website can be linked out.
  • Always try not to create menu on the left hand side of the website but if not possible then put some text with rich keywords on the top or the on the left hand of the menu because this will make the text as a first thing to read.
  • Cascading Style Sheet and Java Script are used to reduce page size and make the download time quicker so always use it.
  • Number of words for the title should be approx 9 and for description it should be up to 20 and remember every page must contain the title and description with good keywords.
  • Many search engines cannot spider web pages with frames so avoid using frames.
  • Flash makes the downloading process a slow one so if possible then avoid flash but if it is necessary then try to use it in minimal way.
  • Use HTML and web page creator software in such a way that unnecessary scripting codes can be deleted manually or be avoided completely.

These are some tips which should be kept in mind while designing websites. After all without understanding SEO principles, the whole endeavor won’t deliver results on expected lines.


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