How to Dress Up For a Keralite Wedding Reception

How to Dress Up For a Keralite Wedding Reception


Keralite weddings tend to be a little different from weddings of other parts of India. This is due to various reasons. For one Keralite weddings tend to take a very minimalistic approach due to the high amount of Christians in the south. The brides of   kerala  tend to play beautifully with their attire mixing them with the aesthetics of the states and making a wonderful look during wedding receptions. The  Kerala  matrimony traditions are very subtle and have a strong sense of elegance to them.

The Kasavu

The most unique aspect of any Keralite wedding is the bride’s attire. While it is the norm for women of other parts of the country to wear bright colours like red or gold Keralite brides tend to wear white as their primary colour. They prefer to wear a white silk saree with broad golden borders. This is due to the high population of Christians in the area and it is preferred that white be worn on the wedding day. There is also a custom of wearing a white veil. This is followed by  Kerala  matrimony traditions since it adds hugely to the beauty of the bride. You can even try a lehenga of subtle colours and pair it up with a pinned dupatta which works wonderfully.

 Kerala  Wedding jewellery

The wedding jewelries of a Keralite are made with gold. Most of the brides prefer gold over diamonds and other precious stones since it is traditional. The brides wear a lot of gold ornaments this is done to show the family’s prosperity and is a sign of wealth. The necklaces tend to be of various lengths and the shortest is the choker type necklaces. The choker necklaces stay set on the neck of the bride and the longer ones reach up till the waist. These are carved with amazing craftsmanship and are extremely beautiful to look at. The earrings include hanging  designs  and are called jhumkas. A number of bangles also adorn the arms of the bride and they look amazing along with the white colour of her wedding attire.

Hairstyles followed by  Kerala  brides

The preferred  Kerala  matrimony hair styles include buns and braids. They are really minimalistic  designs  of hair styles however the hairs are also adorned with various flowers and pins of gold and silver.

Wedding Makeup for  Kerala  brides

As far as the makeup goes in a  Kerala  matrimony it is very minimalistic. Heavy make ups are not used by the bride as they tend to have a very soft and subtle approach to the makeup. They just accentuate the beauty of their features through make up. Preferred colours of makeup remains as pink and gold to get an organic and glow filled look. The eye shadows as well as very subtle with some opting for the traditional kajal or some going for subtle shades like blue or pink. However every bride must make sure that they check out their dresses before the weddings as the styles may work for some but not others.


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