Hosting Reseller for a Web Master

Hosting Reseller for a Web Master


A   web  master needs domain names and hosting in order to place his website  designs  so it could be enjoyed and accessed by people. Therefore, he needs to be supported by a reliable and dependable hosting company and a domain provider. If you are a webmaster that already many clients then the choices have become a reseller of a hosting company should be considered, here are some reasons why you should become a reseller of a hosting company.

Nowadays there has been a lot of hosting companies and registration of domain names that offer reseller packages at affordable prices, and it would be cheaper than if you take the retail package. In addition to the advantage of the price you can also take benefit from the speed of time in processing an order.

When we decide to do online business, so we must ready to focus on our customer’s satisfaction as our main aspect. For example in handling an order from our customer when they want to build a website. We must set up a domain name and a hosting account as soon as they paid for the price. In this case,if you buy at retail this will be very dependent on the hosting company where you buy and register a domain name. If you have a reseller account yourself then no more than 15 minutes you can activate a complete website with information on the web page Under Construction. So you can immediately make a report to the owner of the website that his domain and hosting is already active, and the status of websites is currently in progress.

If you have many clients, of course you do not want to mess around by the invoices for them, you do not have to send an email to remind when their website expires, and with the help of billing software for hosting everything will be done automatically. There is lots of billing software’s for this purpose, but most of them are paid version. Well now there is a good hosting billing, it was a paid version, but later on it become an open source version or free which you can utilized to perform your client management. Starting from a package of services, order entry, client areas, support tickets, create invoice, and also send a reminder invoice that can be setup automatically sent to your client email. The Software is Account lab plus, if you use the C panel you can directly installing via auto installer no more than 5 minutes.

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