Good Web Design – 3 Important Basics

Good Web Design – 3 Important Basics


It is very important for a website to be designed effectively. The design of the website throws an impact on the visitors. As a web master, it is essential for you to consider various options for website design. The visitor stays on the website if it looks appealing and has impressive web design. It is a known fact that the website has about 4 seconds to impress its visitors with its web design. There are various options you can think of as a web master so that the web design is made impressive and appealing for the visitors, which contributes to the success of the website and hence your business.

Keeping in mind the above mentioned points, we can consider some practical ways for website design so that it must be able to grab the attention of visitors and hence make them stay on the website for longer time. Everyone is looking for some information on the Internet. The website must be able to provide the relevant information, products and services which people are looking for. This is the basic purpose of any website – to give the information which is more specific and exact. Web Design will have various factors such as content, graphics, and presentations. Let us try to elaborate on these key points as below for website design.

  • Content of the website: Content is considered to be the king of the Internet and it forms the basics of web design. The website must have good quality content, so that visitors are able to get the information which they are looking for; else they will just click away from the website. It takes less than a second to click away, so you need to make sure that the viewers are hooked onto the page. This is the basic element of the web design. You can hire good content writers who can work on your website and write quality content so that the website can be made more useful and contribute to web design.
  • Graphics: Visuals effects also make difference and are part of web design. The graphics of the website must include pictures, images, and videos, special effects such as smiley, icons, and cartoons. All of these things can make the website really impressive. There are various web design software applications available which can be used to design the website and making livelier and appealing to the visitors. Some of these software applications are Adobe Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver. However, it is recommended that you must hire professional so that they can work on the website and create good web design.
  • SEO friendly: The most important factor of website design is that the website must be made and designed keeping in mind the Search engine optimization guidelines. The website has to be ranked on various search engines such as MSN, Yahoo and Google. Too much flash and frames on the website restrict search engines crawlers for reading and indexing the website. For this, quality content and relevant keywords must be included in the content of the website and the graphics must have relevant keywords in ALT text.

By keeping in mind the above mentioned keywords, the website design will be more effective and attract more visitors.


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