Genesis 1:29 Side Effects

Genesis 1:29 Side Effects


The Genesis 1:29 diet and lifestyle has side effects or consequences. Any change in diet or livestyle can have good or bad side effects. This is a look at what these may be. I am sure there more, but these should suffice to give you an idea as to what to expect.

Negative Side Effects

When you adopt the Genesis 1:29 diet there is one negative side effect that is really a positive. It just feels like a negative.

Your body will start to dump toxins. It will begin to clean house so to speak. Depending on whether you change completely or gradually will determine the severity of the symptoms associated with this house cleaning, as well as how quickly you could experience them.

Symptoms of the common cold can be brought on anytime, but during a housecleaning a crisis is likely.

If your body chooses to eliminate a lot of toxins through your lungs, you could start coughing.

You could get a lot of drainage from your mucous membranes, in your sinuses or throat.

Your body could increase your temperature.

You could have diarrhea.

You could have flu symptoms

You could just feel tired.

You may feel dizzy if you get up too rapidly.

You could have a pimple outbreak or increase of body odor if your body uses your skin as an outlet for the toxins stored in your body.

Many people taste medications they took years before, which were stored in their fat.

All of these negative side effects are evidence of increased nerve energy and body healing in process. If you are on medication you should consult your doctor and perhaps taper off to prevent side effects caused by the medication.

Positive Side Effects

Weight Loss

Improved eyesight

Increased energy after your body is cleaned out.

Improved attitude.

Improved muscle tone.

Improved stamina.

Pain, simply vanishing.

Disease symptoms, gradually going away.

Awake ready to face the world.

As you clean house your body odor will gradually go away.

Women often have a reduction in monthly cramping and blood flow.

The negative side effects may not happen overnight. It may take weeks or months. When you initially change your diet some of the positive side effect could encourage you. Then where most people get in trouble they will have a healing crisis.

A Healing Crisis is where the Negative side effects become evident for one to three days. If you don’t jump ship, the negative evidence of healing will pass. Then the positive side effects will be more evident.

Each day on the Genesis 1:29 diet you will experience more of the positive side effects.

One final list of negative side effects. These are things that are likely to happen if you slide back to the SAD diet.

Your body will become more sensitive to what you eat and react faster when you eat something that it does not like.

Diarrhea could come on suddenly if you eat something your body does not like. Like baby when it is given foods it was not designed for, or that it is not ready for, your body will become better equipped to expel toxins quickly.

Vomiting is a possibility if you eat something really toxic after you are healthy.

Mucus drainage often flows the day after we eat toxic substances. It can go on for days if you keep eating things that you should not eat.

A sign of a clean body house is a clean pink tongue upon arising in the morning.

One final warning.

If you return to your old ways your disease or another worse disease is likely to come and take its place. In my case it is arthritis pain. When I eat too much of what I know I should not eat the pain starts to return.


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