Free Website Traffic – Why Getting Web Traffic is Never Truly ‘Free’!

Free Website Traffic – Why Getting Web Traffic is Never Truly ‘Free’!


One of the greatest myths of online business is that you can get 100% free traffic. Now, I know that when people talk about free traffic, as I sometimes do, they are talking in terms of spending money. That is true. You can get free traffic. But let me tell you why it’s never truly ‘free.’.

You see, if you want to generate traffic, and lots of it, you need to spend either time or money. If you are not spending money to generate traffic, you are probably spending time on it. In fact, you have to be spending time if you’re not spending money. How else will you get traffic to your business?

So if you’re spending time, you know, that’s not truly free. Time is truly money in business. If you value your time, then you will know that if you spend 2 hours on your marketing campaigns today, that ‘cost’ you money. That was 2 hours you could have spent working on something that brought you money, so that 2 hours ‘cost’ you money.

Even a traffic campaign derived from viral marketing is never truly free. If you get traffic from a tell-a-friend form, let’s say you get 5 new subscribers from someone who told 5 friends about your website, is that really free traffic? Personally, I don’t think it is. Because it cost you time and money to get that first subscriber in to recommend your website to others. It costs you money to buy the domain name and the hosting space so you can generate visitors that will use your tell-a-friend form.

So keep in mind that not all traffic is ever truly cost-free. You are either spending time or money. When you look at traffic generation from that perspective, you will begin spending your resources in a much more valuable manner. And that will bring in even more traffic, leads and profits!


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