Drill Control Horizontal Directional Drilling

Drill Control Horizontal Directional Drilling


Drill Control is a powerful AutoCAD Civil 3D based application which supports the entire process of Horizontal Directional Drilling: Engineering, Operation and Delivery.

Drill Control is the ultimate solution for Contractors, Engineering offices and Utility companies who deal with Horizontal Directional Drilling and comes in two modules: Design en Operations.

Drill Control provides automatic calculation of optimum vertical and horizontal drill path, fully automatic dimensioning, creating As-built drawings by importing Operational output data… and much more!

Drill Control advantages: – Up to 90% faster creation and editing of Design Drawings

– Report of design parameters for use in stress analysis software

– Up to 95% faster dimensioning

– Fully optimized preparation of your Drillings, ruling out potential problems during Drilling Operations as much as possible

– Up to 90% faster creation of As-built drawings

– Fast response times to (potential) customers

– Professional drawings of high and constant quality, resulting in a strong company-imago and increased order potential

Design module – Highlights: – Efficient parametric design of a horizontal directional drilling

– Automatic calculation and generation of a realistic drilling line with both vertical and horizontal steering

– Intelligent link between topology and multiple cross-section views

– Fast and easy modification of planned drillings

– Full report of drill path dimensions, curvature and soil load for input in stress analysis software

– Automatic generation of dimension pattern in cross-section views with regard to Entry point, Reference point, Water level, Ground surface, etc.

Operations module – Highlights: – Bi-directional interface between AutoCAD and Electronic Guidance System

– Bi-directional interface between AutoCAD and Excel Drill Report

– Fully automated generation of As built drawing, based on Operational output data from both Electronic Guidance System and Walkover system


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