Design The Eco Friendly Bathroom: Guide to Living Green, Healthy And Sustainable With Minimal Effort

Design The Eco Friendly Bathroom: Guide to Living Green, Healthy And Sustainable With Minimal Effort


Most bathrooms are the least eco-friendly room in the house. Unnatural bath and body products, plastic bottles, toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, hair combs and brushes are not good for the environment. The chemicals in the high performance bath and shower cleaners have so many toxic chemicals that they can cause cancer, birth defects and lung damage. The place to get clean needs to be the place to get clean of non-disposables, synthetic ingredients, harmful sprays and perfumes in cleaners and skin care products.

Non-disposable chic beauty

Going non-disposable is a beautiful thing-and it’s stylish as well. With more people on the planet every day, ecological consciousness and sustainability is becoming part of the global awareness. Here are some totally cool non-disposable items you can have in your bathroom in place of the old throwaways. They work better, last for decades and they look amazing. With an eco meets vintage feel, your bathroom can feel like yours again and not a miniature dumping site.

The safety razor

Your dad or grandfather probably had one and maybe you forgot they existed! The safety razors are still here to get you a closer shave and save you the time and expense of buying new razors and razor heads. The safety razor heads last longer than other ones and they are made with natural, strong materials.

The wooden toothbrush

Lovely wooden and bamboo toothbrushes make all the difference because they are compostable and pure. Now your whole family can have their own wooden toothbrush made from natural fibers. The wooden toothbrush is no longer a thing of the past. You can feel good about buying new grooming tools with a sustainable approach.

The body brush

Now you can throw out your plastic poof for something more substantial. If you have an old boar bristle brush with a hole in the handle you can string some ribbon through it to make a hanging shower brush. Just rub some olive oil into the brush before putting it in the shower. Wooden body brushes made especially for shower use are good options, too. Natural shower brushes work a lot better at removing dead skin cells than a plastic poof.

The sea sponge

Ethically harvested sea sponges feel so good on your skin and are another natural alternative to plastic shower poofs. Sea sponges last forever, get your skin micro-exfoliated and smooth to the touch. Nothing gets your skin feeling smooth like a sea sponge in the shower. It holds a lot of soap so you don’t have to keep refilling it. Sea sponges make thoughtful gifts for yourself or your friends.

Linen shower curtain

Shower curtains don’t have to be made of plastic. Materials made from hemp or cotton make natural looking, classy shower curtains for your bath or shower. These materials are attractive, neutral, fast drying and safe for the environment. You don’t have to worry about tears that come with cheap plastic shower curtains.

Natural cleaning products

Natural cleaning agents like Super Washing Soda, Borax and baking soda clean effectively without the fumes and chemical residue. If you have children or pets you need to use cleaning agents as close to nature as possible. Lemon, orange and lavender essential oils give your cleaning agents more antibacterial power and make you feel relaxed and energized while cleaning. Breath deeply and relax. Cleaning can be therapeutic.

Turn your bathroom into the wholesome oasis it was meant to be. Simplicity is the theme to make this special room a place of meditation and retreat. Re-purposing old items to make a safer place will make buying newer items like toothbrush holders, etc less necessary. Eco-friendly, natural bathroom accessories will help you to fill in the gaps when there is something your bathroom really needs.


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