Common Mistakes Web Designers Should Avoid

Common Mistakes Web Designers Should Avoid


As a Website developer you have to consider the best designs to create an impressive site to visitors. Web Design plays a crucial role in attracting and engaging visitors and making them want to revisit your site for more details or to make a purchase. However while trying to bring in interesting and engaging features care must be taken not to overdo things as they can create the opposite effect. Here is a look at ten common web design mistakes that should be avoided:

1. Overuse of Flash – Too much of anything is bad and this pertains to overuse of flash videos in site design. It will actually divert people’s attention rather than retain their focus. Instead of using flash, you can get the same results with Javascript HTML and CSS. Elements used in the site must assist visitors instead of just trying to impress or attract them.

2. Too Many Badges – Many people like to put up images of badges that represent the organization that they are affiliated with. They do not really add value to your brand and having too many of them simply clutters up the web page. Just a minimal amount will do; keep the focus on informative content that engages visitor interest.

3. Advertising Clutter – The chief attraction in a site should be its organized and detailed content. When you put Google AdWords or Banner Ads in your site you are reducing the content value. Your site should display material that promotes your business and not others. When a client gets good information on your site and requests for your services, the revenue generated is far more than what you get by placing ads in it.

4. Poor Text and Background – When people browse through your site they want to get the information displayed in its pages without much effort. Hence you need to use a font that is clear and which does not strain the eyes. The background colours you use must make it easy for visitors to read information and not be too jazzy that they have to strain their eyes to read what is there on the screen.

5. Complex Navigation – In the process of trying to connect pages to one another do not make the process of navigating difficult. Visitors want to easily find the information they need and go back to the home page or another page in the site or contact details page. Your site navigation structure must address this need.

6. Distracting Splash Pages – Have a home page that is attractive and aesthetically pleasing to visitors and through which they can get the information they want. It is best to not have splash pages or pages that advertise what your site offers. These are just a distraction; they cannot substitute what good content can do to retain visitor interest.

7. No SEO – This is tantamount to not having a site at all because today conversions from a site can be obtained only by implementing SEO. SEO makes your website search engine friendly. It helps search engines to find your site and display it in search results when people are searching for its products or services on the internet.

8. Pop Up Windows – Pop up windows really distract visitor attention. When someone wants to quickly check out information on a page it can be infuriating to see it appear before their eyes. Pop up windows give a spammy look to your site and bring down its value. Many browsers block pages that have pop ups.

9. Poor Information – The information given in the site must be clear, informative and well-organized. Too much of content is difficult to understand because readers want to know details in just a glance. They want to zoom in and out of what catches their interest. Catchy headings, short sentences and simple language are the best ways to retain visitors and make the come back again.

10. Slow Loading – A site that loads slowly is a big turn off; visitors will jump to another one that loads fast. Page speed is very important for attracting visitors. People want to check out a page quickly and move on to corresponding pages to find what they want to make a purchase.

Pay due attention to these points when designing your site and you can be sure of creating a site that is attractive, unique and one that will attracts lots of visitors everyday and generate good conversions for your business.


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