Choosing the Best Note Taking Software – Microsoft OneNote

Choosing the Best Note Taking Software – Microsoft OneNote


With almost everybody constantly looking for ways to be more organized or efficient, people are training themselves to make to-do lists, write down appointments or ideas and keep notebooks for everything they want to remember today or during the time that they may need it. The human brain can only take in so much temporary data at a time which is a problem in this age of digital overload with all the information coming in from different channels including the internet. According to Albert Einstein, the mind can be more productive if it is freed of non-essentials or throw-away information such as telephone numbers, addresses, minute tasks and the need-to-throw-away-but-may-need-this-info-someday notes.

There are people who prefer the traditional ink and paper and lug around notebooks, calendar planners and work diaries which could possibly get lost or destroyed. Others either hate their handwriting, are too lazy to write or hate paper clutter. Some get confused when they need to search for data or need to update. Others just prefer to take advantage of technology and go the digital way.

Note taking software comes in handy for those who want to keep their information in their computers or other digital media. They make organizing these information so much easier and faster, cutting down your time trying to look for them or otherwise, updating them. It is essential that you find information that you may have stored or written down otherwise if you cannot find them, then, there is no value to your writing them down. There are several note taking software that can do the task of storing your information. They are either free or with a license that is for sale.

There is Sidenote, a free and paid software which is like an online storage drawer for your sticky notes. You can slide out the notes, write on them, organize them in groups and slide them back in or you can stick them to the side of your screen. Evernote has both free and paid versions too. It is like having an endless roll of paper to write on, with your latest notes tacked at the end of the paper. The notes can be tagged and organized into categories. The paid version has synchronization and handwriting recognition features.

Microsoft fans would appreciate OneNote, a paid software that makes note taking easier and better organized. It can seamlessly integrate with other Microsoft applications and can synchronize with the notes in Microsoft Outlook. Internet synchronization between different computers can be done with the 2010 version of OneNote through your Hotmail or MSN account. OneNote is like having a 3 level filing system. You can open multiple notebooks, then have several sections within each notebook and have several pages within each section. While it may not come free or very cheap, OneNote provides tagging options which allow for fast searches and more efficient organization. Updating entries is quick and easy as the program allows for linkages to other folders, files, web pages or other notes within the program.

When your information and notes are organized, it gives you more time for yourself, your family, relationships or job. Being able to balance and organize your time and life is one secret to success. Note taking software, without a doubt, can contribute much in this regard. Take a look at the reviews of different software available in the market such as Microsoft OneNote.


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