Business Directories – Online Marketing

Business Directories – Online Marketing


Most businesses would like to have some sort of online presence to promote their products and service offerings, but although there is no shortage of website developers out there, business owners stay reluctant to fork out large sums of money for online advertising. Everyone knows that there are millions of internet users, who in turn, can become potential customers. So why is it that business owner turn away from internet exposure?

When I spent time pitching online marketing, most people seems to respond the same way – they prefer to advertise in something they can see, smell and feel. They seem to think of online advertising as so called ‘pay-and-pray’ marketing. They can buy the newspaper and see their advert contained therein. The know that the printed media will reach their targeted audience. In contrast they need to believe their advert on the internet is visible and attracting the correct audience.

Of course, there are many online business directories that can target specific users or industries, but the question remains: how do these Business Directories promote themselves? Isn’t it true that most internet users make use of larger search engines (like Google, Yahoo and MSN) to find company information, instead of jumping directly to a local business directory? This is a fair question, and with it they believe the only way to be listed on the search engines is to have an expensive website. Nothing could be further from the truth.

SEO Business Directories

Most business directories depend on users to make use of their own search engines, but Web 2.0 directories and Social Media websites create search engine friendly ‘mini websites’ for each and every business listed on the website. The advantage of this technique is that users don’t have to know much about the business directory or even its existence, but when users Google a business, product or service, the relevant businesses [listed on the business directory] will be displayed as a result on the search engine – linking to the Mini Website on Business Finder’s website. This gives businesses advertisements and exposure in the large search engine, without actually having a website at all.

Web 2.0 Business Directories is free

It gets even better, as some of these business directories are absolutely free. To accommodate the Mini Website, each business listed will be provided with access to a back-office where they can customize and update their Mini Websites, as well as upload pictures, promote specials, etc.

Although Web 2.0’s presence isn’t anything new, it hasn’t really been fully used in business directories. What this means for your business is a search engine friendly presence on all the major search engines, cost free. Business owners have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by registering on Web 2.0 directories.


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