Best Reasons to Develop WordPress Bespoke Themes

Best Reasons to Develop WordPress Bespoke Themes


Theme Consistency

No two WordPress themes are alike because different developers have varying approaches in creating each and every one. Themes may have the same core pages, but are not consistent in the way they are structured and coded.

Since everything considerably varies including CSS mark-up, functions, HTML structure, naming conventions and PHP code, this usually makes the most simple tasks – like styling comments and tweaking column widths – very time consuming.

For this reason alone, it would be wise to start developing your own bespoke themes.

Unique Creation

If you have a great blog or helpful website, yet it looks generic like hundreds of thousands of others, there is a tendency for it to get lost among the crowd.

WordPress is used by almost 20% of websites, and it will be easy for people to recognize the default “Twenty” themes from a distance. If your site looks like a ton of others, people will not be impressed and would less likely link to you, or return. When you create custom themes, you have the chance to come up with something unique, which looks the way you want it to be.

You can learn the platform as well as love it.

You can certainly learn WordPress when making changes in an existing theme, but creating one from scratch reveals new possibilities. Everything starts to work. You will no longer waste time hacking a theme, but rather spend time learning and crafting, plus, you will feel more fulfilled with your creation.

Faster development

Once you are finished with your first WordPress theme, you may want to start creating your own framework. You can use a basic group of files, structure, functions and styles as a foundation for any kind of WordPress project. You will not have to figure it out from scratch, since you will base this on the coding methods and choices you are familiar with. It will be much easier to change, update or add to your WordPress themes since you are aware of the CSS styles or functions you need to revise.

You will only use features needed by your project.

Before themes are released, they have to complete a minimum number of requirements. Since most developers want to create a remarkable theme, they often provide users with several, different options to be used in customizing their WordPress site. However, not all of them will be used, so they add needless files, styles and possible processing.

When you develop your own theme, you will just create files, structure, codes and styles that your project requires. This will allow your things to be clearer and more organized.

Increased Speed

Your present theme may be optimized, but it may not be good enough, and you certainly want to work towards something that is exceptional. If you are in the driver’s seat, you can have control over queries, optimize your code, and be in charge of the fine tweaking (if you like) and make the most of your theme.

Depend Less on Plugins

WordPress is known for having a sheer quantity of available plugins. However, it is too easy to be tempted into finding a plugin for the most basic tasks. The moment you start to develop custom themes, you will find out why a plugin does not work with a certain theme because you will realize that most of the time, you will not need a plugin by any means, and you can just put together a number of WordPress commands or functions.


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