Best Places to Live in Florida For Retirees

Best Places to Live in Florida For Retirees


The best places to live in Florida are not necessarily the ones that you would think of right away. When you think of Florida, what towns or cities come to mind? If you are like most people, you probably think of the capital, Tallahassee, and some of the larger or more famous cities like Miami or Orlando. But depending on what is important to you in a home and a location, you might find that some of the best places to live in Florida for you are a bit off the beaten path.

To determine the best places to live in Florida, its important that you first identify what kinds of traits are important to you in a retirement or vacation location. If you are simply interested in moving to Florida for the temperate weather, then you basically have your pick of towns in the state. In that case, the best places to live in Florida would be the ones that have cheap real estate, lower property taxes, but that are still in a size town that offers the kind of facilities that are important to you. You might choose a resort-style town for some good socializing – or avoid towns like Panama City where the college students tend to do too much socializing!

If you have family that you expect will visit you often and that you will need to entertain, then the best places to live in Florida are going to be more dependent on location than the previous example. For example, if you will have children or young families staying with you regularly, you might consider the city of Orlando with all of its theme and amusement parks. Or, you could pick out a location close to the beach where everyone can enjoy long walks, swimming, sun bathing, or even hobbies like metal detecting.

Also think about what needs you have now or could have in the future when you consider the best places to live in Florida. In particular, you may want to consider your current or eventual healthcare needs, if you know what they are. If you have a health condition that requires regular doctor visits, you won’t want to live far from quality medical care.

Another possible factor in your selection of the best places to live in Florida would be whether or not you plan on continuing to work after you relocate to Florida. For example, did you know that the Tampa Bay area is one of the fastest growing in the region? You could move there or to the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville or Orlando areas if you’ll be looking for work.

Do you want to be surrounded by cultural diversity? That would point to the Miami or Ft. Lauderdale areas. Would you like to live in a town immersed in intellectual and cultural pursuits? Then consider university towns like Jacksonville or Gainesville. The point is that the best places to live in Florida are the ones that meet your needs. So your first job is to figure out exactly what those are!


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