Benefits Of Online Revision

Benefits Of Online Revision


Online revision is the providing of tools online to revise any prescribed curriculum of study, the most popular ones being

· GCSE is an internationally recognized qualification awarded in a specific subject and generally taken in a number of subjects by secondary school students (14-18 years) over a two year period. It was introduced in the UK.

· A-levels are the conventional qualifications offered by schools and colleges for students between 16 and 19 years of age. A levels have 3 subjects studied in depth while

· IB, the parallel qualification has a six subject syllabus. They follow the GCSEs.

· AS is an undergraduate Associate degree awarded by schools and colleges for a two year study period.

Now that we have an idea of the study courses, we come to the actual learning process involved.

Ever since computers and the internet have entered homes, they have found innumerable applications to make life more convenient. In the field of education their contribution is invaluable

Once the syllabus has been completed in school, and joint study with friends and classmates has been done, it is soon that time when children are on their own and have to revise a year or two’s course work before they face the examination.

It is for this purpose that online revision has become popular, with students and their parents as parents strongly feel that the child is provided guidelines for self study and is armed with confidence to face the examination.

Some key features of Online Revision

Teachers are the ones who are qualified to prepare the course material. Books are no longer enough. Animated learning videos and interactive revision quizzes make the session more interesting.

Memory improvement techniques are incorporated into the learning software to help improve the child’s grade.

The software is designed so that it can be accessed on mobile, iPad or computer. When the child is travelling also, he or she can access the site.

What are the benefits of learning Videos and Practice tests which are an important part of online revision

Learning Videos

· Accessible anytime, on your mobile, iPad or laptop. All that has to be ensured is whether your device can support the format of the lecture video. Usually video lectures prepared in the combined Flash and HTML5 format ensures that it can be played on all devices.

· The subject can be learnt whenever the student feels inclined to do so at his or her pace.

· They can be used by teachers also for in class teaching.

· They are easy to deliver to the students by uploading on the internet

· Learning is more effective, as absenteeism need not mean missed classes. The teacher can direct the student to the link of the video he or she has missed.

· With interactive sections, the student can be tested through video learning also

· Good opportunity for the teacher to appraise his or her presentation skills and improve them

Practice papers or Mock exams are important because they give an indication of which area the student is weak in for additional effort. They simulate the real experience, thus reducing the anxiety quotient on the day of the exam. They provide useful feedback to the teachers. They remove the mystique associated with exams by experiencing the different ways in which questions are asked etc.


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