Beginners’ Color Guidelines for Web Design

Beginners’ Color Guidelines for Web Design


Color Scheme forms the Canvas, Not the Painting

A very vital fundamental rule of web designing is the fact that howsoever splendid its design is, it plays a secondary role, and the primary role is reserved for its content. You should ensure that the color scheme you select for your site should not dominate its content. The design essentially forms a part of the background, and is meant to give a push to the content, bringing it to the forefront.

A very usual practice while designing a website is to produce a design in isolation with the help of software. In case you lack a pattern or specimen of content while designing, you may finally create a great looking design, and even your customer may instantly like it, but when incorporated with content, visitors to your site may find it rather distracting. Actually, the process of web designing is so very intertwined with the content that, at times, a superb design may have a hollow look around it in the absence of relevant content.

It is a smart idea to get started with the designing of website with a specimen of the kind of content expected to be incorporated in the site. This could be in the software employed for designing, or directly into the code. This is particularly relevant when you want to include a particular type of images or photos. Then, you can almost ensure that your design has a harmonious flow. Consider the content as if it were a unique character, needing a flawlessly fitting suit.

Begin by using a simple grayscale foundation

You can find numerous color combinations for the main background plus text base. Yet, it is recommended to make a beginning with the simplest one, meaning white or light gray or a combination of the two as a background together with gray.

When you decide to check an assortment of well accepted websites, themes or templates, you are most likely to find this kind of base in dark gray text on light gray or white. The reason is that this color combination almost guarantees to offer readability to the visitors, while allowing the text plus picture based content to appear on the forefront.

Simply select one color for highlighting

Color schemes that most frequently prove incorrect are those containing a number of colors. The bigger is the number of colors, the more difficult it becomes to have a control over them. Therefore, start by including one additional color above the base in gray color which is used for highlighting items like links, menus, few headlines and buttons etc. You may use red, green or blue for highlighting things.


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