Basics of Bread Makers

Basics of Bread Makers


All Bread machines can offer you good bread, but they are not similar in function and design. You have to be familiar with the bread maker you will be making use of. Before you begin baking, it is vital that you know about the buttons to start the bread maker and select the cycles. Then, learning about the cycle names and appropriate baking times to know how your machine works. First, try understanding the work of control unit that has the baking times. It is always considered a good practise to choose the cycle and then stopping it with the empty pan in the machine. It is always fun when fresh bread welcomes you when you come back from your school. Some bread machines enable you pre-set it to bake up to 16 hours. Practise setting the “delay bake” cycle setting to allow the bread to come out hours later. 

You can either bake the bread recipes or bake as a loaf in the machine and they can also be hand shaped if you are interested in dough projects. A special dough cycle in the machine helps you remove the dough at the end of this cycle. In the event of your machine not having a dough cycle, you can check the machine’s manuals and jot down the time required to finish the first kneading time. Using the regular cycle, start your machine and when the amount of time is due, push stop button and then remove the dough. Go for a basic recipe like French bread or White bread. But read the complete recipe before you start.

You can then place the ingredients you require on the counter in the same order as given in the recipe. Put it away as you complete each ingredient. In this way, you can find out anything you have left in the process and start cleaning up. Then, by measuring carefully, add the liquid ingredient first and then ad the yeast to it. Keep these away from moisture and remember to place dried fruits away from liquids.

Your bread maker has to be checked for 5-10 minutes after you start the mixing to ensure you have pulled down all your ingredients into the dough and it is being mixed properly. In case of any break down, stop the machine and remove the pan to the counter. Then, by making use of the rubber spatula, push down the ingredients. Put back the pan and re-start the machine. Remember not to open your machine once you start the baking and that a bread maker is an oven. Open the door to let cool air so that the baking is even.


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