Bad Boys and Online Dating

Bad Boys and Online Dating


Next time you go for a walk in town, just notice how many nice women have a bad boy for a husband. Or just think about some examples, because I’m sure every boy that is an actor has one girlfriend after another. The question is: why are women so attracted to his? Are they influenced by the bad boy look when they are dating online? When a woman is registers on a dating website or social network for singles, you can say that she has the chance to find the perfect man for her, because, after all, she has so many choices.

Bad boys are usually very good at flirting, so a bad boy is probably the one that left you a comment on your dating profile with just the right words or. You return his comment and then nothing happens. This is the thing that attracts so many women, the idea that bad boys are hard to get. They are always mysterious and you can’t say if he likes you. Instead, a good boy will send you “Good night” emails and messages and send you lots of other comments too, trying to get your attention.

When you are dating a bad boy, even if you are having an online date, you never know what he is going to do next. They are not the type that follows the rules so it can be difficult to predict what will happen next. The idea is you have to be prepared, because he might hurt you. I am not saying that he wants to hurt you, but because of his behavior he might do it anyway. Maybe for example it is your birthday and you are expecting an online greeting card that will never arrive, because bad boys aren’t this type. In the meantime, he is probably getting drunk in a bar with his friends. They don’t really care about your feelings, so he can have an arrogant behavior. But when you have an online dating relationship, you can’t discover these features. Maybe you will start noticing that he has an abusive attitude only after you talk to him on the telephone. My personal opinion is that it depends very much on the type of the woman: some women like to make the first step, so they like bad boys. But some of them want to be conquered instead and treated like princesses.


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