Anaheim Ducks Jersey

Anaheim Ducks Jersey


The first ever Anaheim Ducks jersey was used back in 1993 when the team first began play in the NHL under the name of the “Anaheim Mighty Ducks”. If you have ever seen the Mighty Ducks movies, produced by the Disney Corporation, you’d know what the first Ducks jersey looked like. Both the road and home uniforms featured a logo that resembled an old school goalie mask shaped to fit the face of a cartoon Duck. These jerseys were very marketable as they were not only included in the aforementioned movie, but were also quite stylish. The purple and green road jersey was a very popular seller back in the 1990’s.

After the Mighty Ducks franchise was purchased away from the Disney Company in 2006, then vice- president Brian Burke decided to drop the “Mighty” from the “Mighty Ducks” team name and simply be known as the Ducks. Because of the name change, the Ducks decided to unveil a new jersey in order to give the team a new identity. Featuring a webbed foot in the shape of a “D”, the newest jersey logo would spell out the word “Ducks” in all upper case letters, along with the city “Anaheim” displayed above. This Anaheim Ducks Jersey also featured gold, white, black, and orange diagonal stripes running across the top right of the jersey to the bottom left. Instead of the old purple eggplant colors donned by the Mighty Ducks team, the newest dark jerseys were simply black in color.

The Anaheim Ducks have also used a few third jerseys throughout their history. The first was unveiled during the 1995-1996 season and was green in color featuring an animated Ducks mascot (a.k.a. Wildwing) flying out from the ice. With much criticism to its style, the jersey was quickly retired and nowadays is very difficult to find! The Ducks also used third and fourth jerseys from 1997 to 2001 which featured only minor changes from their regular uniforms (for instance some had different stripe, or color variations). The most recent third jersey was unveiled in 2003 and lasted until the 2006 season. This jersey was quite similar to the regular Ducks jerseys you see today as it had lettering instead of a logo donning the front. Its black color instead of the eggplant purple was a welcomed changed by many fans and became so popular that the Ducks ended up using the jersey as the Home jersey until 2006.


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