Abs Six Pack

Abs Six Pack


In this article I am going to describe the best way for anyone to get rid of any unwanted fat and at the same time to get toned. These will only work if you do put in the effort because to lose any weight or to get toned you will need to put in some effort, but the good news is once you have reached your idle look it is easy to maintain. I will start by explaining about the exercises that should be used, then the routine and finally look at a good diet.

There are three exercises which I have used, they are categorised into Upper Abs and Lower Abs because not all of our abs are used when we simply do sit ups. The basic sit ups only get upper abs not the lower abs.

Upper Abs

This is the four upper muscles of a six pack.

Exercise 1:

To start with, you need to elevate your legs while laying down, I recommend using a bed or a sofa to do this with. You need to lay down, have your legs at a right angle up and knees bent over the top of the sofa or bed. Knees together, put your arms to your forehead or on your ears. Do 20 of these per set.

Exercise 2:

This exercise, all you need is a space big enough to do it. Lay down on the floor, put your hands behind you head so your elbows are sticking out and are level with your head. Bring the soles of your feet together and lay your legs down on the floor, but make sure you feel comfortable; it may seem ridiculous at the time, but it is a very good exercise. Only expect to be able to lift your upper body up a little bit at a time, it will still be working extremely well. Do 20 of these per set.

Lower Abs

This is the bottom two muscles of a six pack (overhang).

Exercise 1:

You need to lay down again, this time in a space big enough for you to be able to lay down in a straight line. Put your heads behind your head again, and lift your legs straight up, as they get vertical bring them to your chest slowly. Between 20-30 of these per set.


The routine I used was, doing 3 sets a day. Start with only one set a day, which is 20 each for both exercises for upper abs, and 20-30 for the lower abs exercise. Once you feel you can go further then try another set, and keep this going. Do not do to many in one day because you could strain a muscle.

Ideally, to lose maximum amount of weight and gain maximum muscle results go for a 30 – 45 minute run every morning. It does not matter which order you do it, but it is the quickest way to lose weight and to build up muscle.


    Monday – 30-45 Minute Run—–Sit-up Routine

    Tuesday – 30-45 Minute Run—– Rest

    Wednesday – 30-45 Minute Run—–Sit-up Routine

    Thursday – 30-45 Minute Run—– Rest

    Friday – 30-45 Minute Run—–Sit-up Routine

    Saturday – 30-45 Minute Run—– Rest

    Sunday – Rest—–Rest



    Monday – Rest—–Sit-up Routine

    Tuesday – Rest—–30-45 Minute Run

    Wednesday – Rest—–Sit-up Routine

    Thursday – Rest—–30-45 Minute Run

    Friday – Rest—–Sit-up Routine

    Saturday – Rest—–30-45 Minute Run

    Sunday – Rest—–Rest

Instead of running you can do any cardiovascular activity e.g. ride a bike, rowing. This is just a recommendation, experiment with what you want to do, and you will find what fits you best after a while.


The diet really depends on what you are looking to get out of it. There are two main types of diet which I have used in the past, a mainly carbohydrate diet and a mainly protein diet. The carbohydrate diet is designed to lose weight, whereas the protein diet is to gain muscle mass.

While using this plan I suggest trying to keep more of a carbohydrate diet, since it is easier to get energy from this kind of diet because you will be eating a lot of salads or vegetables. Remember when you cook food you are losing a lot of the nutrients from it, so it is good to eat salads. It really does depend on what you want to achieve, but I suggest a balanced diet.




Wholegrain e.g. bread, cereal.


Meat e.g. fish, chicken.

Dairy e.g. milk, yoghurt.

Remember to warm up, and warm down. Check with a doctor before entering any heavy diet or exercise routine. I am not responsible for any injuries in this plan, it is just a guide to how you could go about losing weight or gaining muscle.


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