4 Ways to Maximize Your Web Presence

4 Ways to Maximize Your Web Presence


There are hundreds of ways to promote a business online. I come across new ways to advertise and promote a business online almost every week. However, to simplify things I recommend you first consider doing the following things to get the most bang for your buck.

1. Do some basic Search Engine Optimization

Search engines can bring in a huge amount of highly targeted “free” traffic to your website. You can just launch your website and hope you get listed in Google, but with some SEO knowledge and some effort you can almost guarantee that you will get traffic from search engines. While it isn’t really too hard to learn the basics of SEO, it is important to remember that the most important factor in SEO is backlinks, which could take a bit more knowledge and some creativity to obtain in a cost effective manner. Knowing how to do SEO and having the creativity and resources to carry out a plan are two separate things. If you have the budget, hiring an outside SEO firm or an SEO expert in house would be a good investment.

Many of the promotion methods listed below will help you obtain backlinks which will complement your SEO efforts, so it is important to consider SEO first so that you can best leverage the impact of other promotion methods.

2. Run PPC Campaigns

Running a Pay Per Click Campaign is probably the quickest way a business can start profiting from their online presence. One great thing about PPC campaigns is that you can know exactly how much profit you are making on each keyword and you can test different ad copy and get quick results.

PPC click campaigns can also complement your SEO efforts. As you find out what keywords, ad copy, and landing pages are converting the best you can adjust your SEO efforts to put a greater priority on the things that are converting the best in your PPC campaigns.

3. Start a blog

There are many benefits to blogging. It helps build a community around your business, helps with your SEO efforts (it creates more content and attracts backlinks), it can act as a “maven trap” (discussed in The Tipping Point, it empowers customers to easily spread the word about your products and business, and it can help you network with others in your industry.

4. Pay Bloggers to Review your website and/or products

Within the past six months or so many websites have launched which will help you find bloggers to write reviews. The four that I am aware of are ReviewMe, PayPerPost, Blogitive, and LoudLaunch. ReviewMe seems to be the best if you want to reach a large audience because the bloggers there tend to have a larger readership, but you will also pay a lot more per review than the other blogger review sites. PayPerPost could be a good option to increase your backlinks, but don’t expect as much traffic initially as you would from a ReviewMe Review.


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