4 Myths Of Having A Book As Your Brand

4 Myths Of Having A Book As Your Brand


How often do you hear those gurus and speakers say you must have a brand and in enhancing that brand, you must have a book? Right? OK, so you’ve produced your book, after grafting with making the time to write and other life-gets-in-the-way challenges, until, finally, it’s written and published.

Then what?

Well here are the myths you need to know about having a book as a brand:

MYTH 1: Once you have the book your sales will skyrocket!

That’s complete and utter rubbish! Yes, I said it… RUBBISH!

Having the book is one thing but nothing will occur unless you make it happen. It’s not as if the entire world is expecting your book to be the ONE (like Nero in the Matrix!), that’s not the case and is far from it. In saying that, writing the book is an achievement in itself since that takes dedication, discipline, time management, commitment and so on. So there’s and appreciation in how hard creating a book can be. Then, having the complete and final manuscript edited, proofread and cover designed, brings a fulfilment only finished book can give.

Well, whether you like it or not this is where the hard work truly begins because uploading onto Amazon or Lulu or wherever else and waiting for something to happen is totally and truly unrealistic. Nothing will happen if you don’t make it happen and that’s going through either a traditional publishing or the self-publishing route.

This means you must think creatively and outside of the proverbial box, in order to get your book out and as such enhancing your brand.

MYTH 2: Everybody will know who you are, right?

No they won’t! You have a book, so what? There are another million people who have their own book, what makes yours so different?

It’s untrue that you’ll be immediately recognised when walking down the street since you were a no name before having a book and will be a no name after having one. Trust me but this is where you begin to work harder than before. That’s right. You’ll have to work. And very hard too!

You’ll need to put your back to the wheel and sweat as you watch your efforts explode in opportunities, sales and exposure. Today that’s not as difficult as it seems, since the greatest tool at the tip of our hands is social media. Now, we can connect with one another, from various parts of the world, in a matter of seconds; someone who you don’t know, never met or will ever meet, can now be in awe of your brand. Empowered by these various social media platforms, individuals, entrepreneurs, speakers, authors (established or new) can access audiences across the entire globe, now how cool is that?

MYTH 3: You’re not the ‘Expert’!

I’m going to be very controversial here. You’re not the expert in your area of work nor the master of processes or procedures. Instead you’re the expert of what you know. That’s right – WHAT YOU KNOW!

This encapsulates the above and yet defining that knowledge is more than the formal qualifications you’ve received from secondary school or university or what you trained for in your role. It’s about and in addition to your own life experiences, interpersonal interactions inside and outside of work. It’s about how you felt going through particular experiences. It’s about your ability in helping another learn about how your entire life experiences can help them. Basically, it’s about bringing the reader to that place of transformation, altering their mindset from what is, to what can be.

MYTH 4: You don’t need a brand

Like Myth 3 that’s also true. You really don’t need a brand, you need a BRAND. You need something that sets you apart from the ‘normal’ crowd (work colleagues, industry or particular niche). Something that shows how special you are, that enables the transformation in the reader. As the cliché goes, the words must fly off the page hitting the reader where it doesn’t hurt but uplifts, enlightens and provides a new way of thinking and in being.

Myth 4 is the most untrue of all myths since it’s the truth and thought of many people who wish to have a brand but still fail to recognise how important it is to have one… if that makes sense!

In conclusion and in the first place, it’s basically understanding why having a brand is important and why a transformational book, comprehensive social media strategy and accompanying products expands your exposure thus ensuring a successful brand.


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