10 Reasons Why Stag and Hen Night T-Shirts Are So Popular

10 Reasons Why Stag and Hen Night T-Shirts Are So Popular


Over the past year there has been a huge increase in the popularity of t-shirts specially designed and printed for stag and hen nights. Here are ten reasons why so many best men and maids of honour are arranging personalised stag and hen do t-shirts:

1. Personalised t-shirts help to identify people in the group easily

When a large group gets together for a stag and hen do, it’s likely that there will be lots of people who don’t know each other, and if there is a pub crawl involved on a busy night, it can be hard to keep track of everyone. Having a distinctive stag / hen night t-shirt makes it easy for the organisers to keep everyone together and round up stragglers – especially once the serious partying has begun.

Many stag and hen weekends are taking place abroad, where it can be even more important to make sure that people don’t get left behind in venues where they may not be able to speak the local language.

2. Having a personalised hen/stag night t-shirt removes the pressure of finding something to wear

Picking out something to wear for a night out can be tricky – but if your hen and stag events are taking place during a weekend away, it’s much easier to throw on a t-shirt than having to pack several different outfits for different events.

3. Team t-shirts create group spirit and camaraderie

Human beings are social animals at their core, and wearing similar clothes only reinforces the sense of being in a group that’s out to celebrate and have a great time. It also makes it easier to break the ice between friends that haven’t met each other before.

4. Hen and stag t-shirts give other people an explanation for your high spirits

There’s no doubt that you’re going to be a rowdy bunch at some point, wearing t-shirts that have “Stag Do” or “Hen Night” as part of the design gives people an explanation at a glance, and makes it more likely that they’ll forgive you!

5. It doesn’t matter if the t-shirt gets torn or filthy

Nowadays the stag and hen do is more than just a curry and a pub crawl. People go paint balling, speed boat racing and rock climbing, sometimes all in the same weekend, so outfits can easily be ruined if people haven’t prepared properly. Being able to hand out t-shirts can help people to relax and enjoy the activities without worrying about their designer tops.

6. Spare t-shirts can be made easily

Following on from reason five, when you are creating t-shirts based on a template, copies can be produced cheaply, so for those weekend-long stag and hen celebrations, spare t-shirts can be a godsend.

7. Stag and Hen party t-shirts make great mementos

Those t-shirts that survive the event make great mementos for those who attended (and also survived) and make great conversation points (usually at barbeques) in the years that follow.

8. Stag and Hen do t-shirts can make an excellent present

Finding a personal gift for a bride or groom to be can be tricky, but if everyone taking part signs a t-shirt and frames it, it can make a great present and reminder of all the people that celebrated with them.

9. Group t-shirts get you lots of attention

What more could a big group of mates want whilst out on the town? And who knows, they might get you a free drink too.

10. A better way to make the bride or groom to be stand out

The groom or bride to be can be made to stand out with a different colour t-shirt or having the design embellished, which is much better than the tired L-plates or a fake veil. It helps to make them feel special whilst still being part of the group too.


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