What is Functional Integrative Neurology?

19 Feb What is Functional Integrative Neurology?


I am asked this question a lot as we have found that this is the best way to describe what it is that we do. In essence, it is exactly what it is. Functional medicine pertains to restoring optimal function to a body part or system. Integrative, refers to the integration of as many therapeutic possibilities as are required to appropriately treat an individual.

And neurology, obviously, is the practice of medicine specific to the brain and the neuraxis, (the entire nervous system). In my office, we treat patients with neurologic disorders without the use of drugs or surgery. This is a very difficult concept to comprehend by most, because as a society, we have come to accept that the only way to treat illness is with the use of drugs and surgery. This is hardly the case. It’s unfortunate that so many people are convinced, through advertising, that the best answer to a commonplace problem is a radical and toxic solution as the first course of action.

In fact, many of the things that I treat patients for respond better without drug therapies, which actually often complicate matters sooner than fix them. Vertigo, dizziness, dysequilibrium and dystonia are a few of these types of conditions. This is also coincidentally the focus of my practice. Our office provides effective treatment strategies based on contemporary principles of applied neuroscience and the individuality of each patient.

Being fully trained to evaluate the functional state of each patient’s neurological system, as well as being able to appropriately determine specific and individualized neurological applications of treatment through non-invasive procedures, allows for a successful treatment strategy. As such, these procedures are uniquely designed to promote directed changes within the brain and nervous system. Using these types of brain based directed treatments, we are afforded a greater understanding of the neurologic spectrum of disorders with an opportunity and an ability to serve the many patients who suffer with these afflictions.