The People Elements That Create the Foundation of Quality Management

16 Feb The People Elements That Create the Foundation of Quality Management


Ethics require discipline to make good decisions in situations whether they are good or bad. Ethics are required as a quality of an individual and also must be used when representing an organization for total quality management. Organizational ethics are needed in a business so you can create a code of conduct which outlines all of the employee guidelines that people must adhere to during their performance. The individual ethics you need to look for should include right and wrongdoings.

Another personnel personality element building the foundation of quality management is integrity. Individuals working with your business must have integrity. You need to be able to trust them, and they should have a set of morals and values which you can trust will help your business succeed. A person with solid integrity is identified not only by internal employees but those external customers. The only way total quality management will work for you is by staffing leaders with the organization with integrity.

Someone who has a good set of ethics and integrity will gain trust with individuals. You cannot have trust without the other two elements. The foundation of total quality management cannot be built with a team of leaders for a business without trust between employees and customers. Trust enables the fostering of elements such as participation, teamwork, productivity, pride, ownership, and empowers other employees across an organization. A person who is a trustworthy leader is one that focuses on the improvements of the organization, and not using ‘improvement changes’ in contempt of others. Customer satisfaction requires trust, in addition to building an environment in a company that is cooperative.

Quality management requires a set of leaders in an organization to have certain elements in order to be successful internally and in the marketplace. Employees need to trust their leaders in order to be able to be empowered. Trust is built with a set of ethics and integrity that not everyone has. A strong candidate for help in building a business with quality management will have these characteristics.