Designing Your Patio – What to Order From Your Patio Furniture Manufacturer

15 Feb Designing Your Patio – What to Order From Your Patio Furniture Manufacturer


Whether you’ve just purchased your home, recently added a deck or porch, or simply want to add some flair and excitement to a patio that has sat dull and lifeless since you moved in, you can achieve the outdoor style of your dreams with patio furniture. With so many materials, styles, colors and designs to choose from, you can mix and match your way to the perfect patio on a budget.

Your style will dictate whether you purchase a set or mix the styles of individual pieces. No matter which décor you decide on, there are certain pieces that every patio should have.

The most important element of your patio is the seating. You should have four to six comfortable patio chairs that can be easily stacked for storage and rearranged for get togethers. These chairs should be weather proof. Wood furniture should be sealed to protect from rot or warping, while metal should have a rust-resistant finish. All chairs should have felt or cushion bases to protect your patio materials.

Patio chairs should come or be paired with weather resistant cushions. Cushions come in a wide array of fabrics, from water resistant cloth to water proof plastic. These cushions should accent and enhance the seating, and be comfortable to sit in.

Couple your patio chairs with a table that is the appropriate size for your patio. The ideal table should have a cut out for an umbrella in the center, and have plenty of space for dinner and drinks. A table should be light enough for one person to drag, or two people to lift, but should be heavy enough that it doesn’t blow away in a strong wind.

Your table of choice should be paired with a heavy weight patio umbrella. Many patio furniture manufacturers offer these in sets, or you can purchase it directly from a custom manufacturer. Umbrellas require a heavy base, which sits underneath the table, to keep them steady on windy days, and should always be closed when not in use.

Once you have the core of your patio set, you can expand it with infinite possibilities. Larger porches will benefit from a classical covered porch swing. Pool side porches can be made more inviting with plush, comfortable chaise lounges. You can add more small side tables, benches and storage boxes to increase the livability of your outdoor area as well.

The style of your furniture will depend upon your indoor décor, the size of your patio and your personal preference. When ordering, it is best to explore what the patio furniture manufacturer offers in sizes and dimensions. Use these measurements to estimate how they will be best arranged in your space before ordering. With plenty of planning, you can easily make a purchase that will fit your budget and design.